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List of attacks on Christians churches, institutions and individuals in Egypt

Due to the constantly changing situation in Egypt, these reports are from our various sources across Egypt as of 22 August 2013.

Churches attacked in the Province of Al- Minya
1. The Church of St Mina in Abu-Hilal, West district
2. The Baptist Church, Bani Mazar district
3. St. Mina Orthodox Church, Bani Mazar district
4. The Church of the Virgin Mary, El-Gazareen St, Abu-Hilal district
5. The Coptic Catholic Church of St Mark, Abu-Hilal district
6. The Church of the Jesuit Fathers, Abu-Hilal distract
7. St. George Catholic Church, Delga village, Deir Mawas district
8. St. George Orthodox Church, Derhassa, Maghagha
9. The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Deir Mawas
10. The Evangelical Third Church, El-Nasarra St, Abu-Hilal district
11. The Evangelical Church, Badeen village, Samalout
12. The Evangelical Church , Malawi
13. The Apostolic Church, the Medical Centre and the Pasteur House, Eskander Farm
14. The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Malawi
15. St Tawadros the Prince, Hosseni St, Sednawi Square
16. St Moses Orthodox Church
17. St John Orthodox Church, El-Shok
18. St Mary and St Abram archaeological monastery, Delga, Deir Mawas district
19. St Mary Orthodox Church, El-Nazla village, Youssef El-Sedeek City

Christian-owned properties/businesses etc. in Al-Minya
20. A ministry building belonging to St. Mina Orthodox Church , Abu-Hilal district
21. The burning of the house of Father Angelos Malek, the parish priest of St Mary and St Abram in Delga, Deir Mawas district
22. A hall that belongs to Deir Mawas Diocese, Aswan Road
23. The Soldiers of Christ orphanage for boys
24. The Children Orthodox orphanage
25. The YMCA
26. The house of Priest Samuel Aziz's of St Moses Orthodox Church
27. St Joseph School and a nuns hall belonging to it
28. The Coptic Secondary School for boys, Hosseini St
29. Bon Pasteur School
30. The Jesuit Association
31. Priest Samuel Luka's car, Parish priest of St Mary and St Joseph Church
32. Christian-owned houses and shops, Abu Qorkas, Malawi
33. ‘Al – Dahabbeya’ ship belonging to the Evangelical Church
34. ‘The Mermaid’ cruise ship
Attacks on individuals
35. Assassination of 60 year old Eskandar Tos Rezk


36. The Chaldean Basilica Catholic Church, St. Fatima, Heliopolis
37. St. Markorios Abou-Safain , El-Genena, Ezbet El-Nakhl

Christian-owned properties/businesses etc. in Cairo
38. Bible Society, El-Gomhoria St

Attacks on individuals in Cairo
39. Fawzy Moreed assassinated and others were injured

40. St George Orthodox Church, Kozzika

41. St Michael Orthodox Church, Kerdassa
42. St Mary Orthodox Church, Kafr Hakim, Kerdassa
43. St Mina Orthodox Church, El-Omrania
44. St Mary Orthodox Church , 10 St., Boulak El-Dakrour
45. St Mary Orthodox Church, Kafr Abdou, 6th October City
46. The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of St George
47. St Mary Orthodox Church, Mansouria
48. The Apostles' Vine Monastery

49. The Church of the Two Martyrs, Soal
50. St Mary Orthodox Church, El Saf
51. St Shenouda Orthodox Church, El-Kom El-Ahmar

52. The Church of St George, on Diocese premises
53. The Church of the Virgin and St Abram
54. The Church of St Mark and its services building, Al-Kahraba St

55. The Church of the Virgin Mary, Al-Nazlah village, Youssef Al-Sedeek district
56. St Demiana the Martyr Orthodox Church, Al-Zerbi village, Tamya
57. The Evangelical Church in Al-Zerbi village, Tamya
58. St Tadros El-Shatby Orthodox Church, Desya

Christian-owned properties/businesses etc. in Fayoum
59. The Youth Centre and the Bible Society located inside, Mansheyat Lotfallah

Beni Suef
60. St George Coptic Orthodox Church, Wasta district
61. St Mary and St Abraam Orthodox Church and its hall for solace
62. Abo Halaka Church, Tahta Coast
63. The Apostolic Church, and Christian-owned businesses - Kolta Street

Christian-owned properties/businesses etc. in Beni Suef
64. Christian-owned businesses, Kolta St
65. House of priest from St George, Wasta district
66. The Franciscan Nuns School

67. The Convent of the Good Shepherd and the attached school

The Church of the Franciscan Fathers 23rd St
Bon Pasteur Nuns Catholic Monastery - El-Gash St
The Evangelical Church - El-Gash St
The Greek Church in Suez

Christian-owned properties/businesses etc. in Suez

The Franciscan school , 23rd Street
The school and hospital belonging to the Bon Pasteur Catholic Monastery


St Mary Orthodox Church, Hod 10


St George Orthodox Church, Arish

76. The Church of St Maximus, 45th St
77. St George Orthodox Church, Bakous

Attacks on individuals in Alexandria
78. Assassination of Ramy Zakaria

79. Archangel Michael Church
80. The Reformed Church
81. St John Diocese, Qussiya
82. St John Orthodox Church, El-Souk St., Abnoub City
83. The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of St Mary El-Meharak Monastery
84. The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Abo-Teeg
85. St Therese Church

Christian-owned properties/businesses etc. in Assiut
86. The Bible Society of Egypt

Al Gharbeya Governorate
87. St Michael Orthodox Church, El-Hekma St., Tanta
88. St George Orthodox Church, Tanta

Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate

89. St Demiana Orthodox Church, Division 2, Kafr El- Sheikh

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